Took the medical responsibility of many widows and their children.

10th April 2012 Birthday of our beloved mother Smt. Anjwaliben (Baa).

She can be compared to Mother Teressa for the society and her birthday was celebrated in a unique celebration of Love and care.

  • On this day Baa spread her arms to many widows and took the responsibility of their healthy life.
  • More than 6000 widows and their children were secured by medical care.
  • Free medical assistance starting from scrap to scar is provided to them.
  • Orphaned girls were adorned in a fairy attire and made to cut the cake in the presence of Baa on her Birthday.
  • This ceremony was witnessed by many Bollywood Celebrities and Param Pujiya Sadhvi ¬†Ritambhara Ji. (Didima)
  • More than 8000 widows are provided with Health Card and are unburdened with full medical expenses.
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