Lets Give Love Of Father To All Daughters

Taken oath to adopt 1001 Daughters and perform their marriage rituals as a father.
“Daughter’s marriage comes with lots of happiness and hidden sorrows. ”

I wished for daughters…. But I was destined to have two sons

I wanted to challenge my fate by being a father to orphaned girls. I fulfilled my dreams of having daughter by adopting 1001 daughters and performing their marriage rituals.

  • The grand marriages were specially named expressing the emotions behind it…
  • 15-02-2013-“Vivah Panch Fera Na”
  • 08-12-2013-“Sambandh Bhavao Bhav Na”
  • 30-11-2014-“Lagni Na Vavetar”
  • 06-12-2015-“Samvedanna Ek Dikri Ni”
  • The Trusttakes care of allthe needs and necessities ofthe daughters on and after marriages giving them a good settled and married life. This noble deed was acknowledged in GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.