Educational Support

Lets Give Educational Support & Lead Our Kids Towards The Bright Future

Taking the responsibility to educate Fatherless students of entire Surat.
“Live life like when people need you very much in your absence.”

25 March- 2011, A very special day being Bapuji’s 63rd Birthday, though he doesn’t celebrate his birthday but he wanted to celebrate his birthday with a thought which could give a new direction to the society.

  • Bapuji’s Birthday was embarked by providing free education to children till class 10th and Rendering Scholarships to girls who want to pursue their higher studies like 11th, 12th or Graduation.
  • 63 fatherless children who shared their birthday with Bapuji as well as 6400 other fatherless children were adopted on the same occasion making Bapuji’s Birthday a Special One.
  • This act of us has motivated many more schools to give free education to the needy students.

If the trustees of every school take an initiative of bestowing free education to every deprived child, education to all will no more be a dream but will turn to reality – MAHESH SAVANI